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Stability running shoes – more important than you think!


Quick post on stability running shoes as this has been a hot topic recently and there seems to be a misunderstanding on the need for stability running shoes.

So what even are they for and what is the difference between stability and a normal running shoe?

Stability shoes have heavy-duty support features which are meant to correct the overpronation and are designed for runners that pronate past the point of neutral. Stability shoes help to adjust the foot into a neutral alignment by offering support, flexibility and cushioning.


Do you need stability running shoes?


Firstly, I would like to highlight that if you are a neutral runner – you do not need stability shoes for running.

As neutral runners have fairly high arches, the support function of the stability shoes can be detrimental as they change your gait. When wearing stability shoes during a run, they prevent you from pushing off over the big toe which can cause problems from feet up.

I guess your next question would be – how do I know whether I am a neutral runner or not?

I think the best way to look at this is to find out whether you overpronate or underpronate. Some basic signs are listed below.


Overpronation effectively is known ”flat feet” which might be more familiar to you. This happens when your foot rolls too far inward or downward (over 15%) with each step. This makes the big toe and second toe to push off more while the foot twists significantly.

Overpronation can cause pain outside of the knee and there is also a higher chance of causing shin splints due to rotation of the tibia in the lower leg. If you do suffer from shin splints often, check our this article which might give you some more guidance.


Quite the opposite of overpronation – foot rolling outward from the ankle placing pressure on the outer toes which places extra stress on the foot. This is more common in people who have very high and rigid arches that don’t flatten enough during a stride.

Underpronation can also cause many issues including ankle sprains, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome just to name a few.

One of the ways you can get some indication on whether you are over/under pronating, is to look at signs of the wear and tear of your shoes. If there is a distinct side, for example, inside the sole near the big toe more worn off, it might be a sign of you overpronating.

Getting a medical assessment is the best way to be sure. I would suggest seeing your podiatrist and go from there. If more serious issues are discovered, you might have to see an orthopedic surgeon to understand the issue more clearly.


Yes – I need stability running shoes!


Once you know whether you under or over pronate, you can start looking at shoes that will help. As I have mentioned in my previous posts – it might take time your you to find the right pair of shoes for you. Just because it’s right for someone else, might not be right for you!

Let’s have a look at some good options!

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 – great for someone who is overpronating

Rating on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5

Price: £90-£300 depending on size and style

Features: available in different colours, provides high energizing cushioning and a perfect blend of support, cushion, flexibility, and reliability.


Asics Men’s GT-1000 8 G-txvery good support for overpronation


Rating on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5

Price: £60-£100 depending on size and colour

Features: available in different colours, waterproof, lightweight and breathable, keeps foot at natural angle

Asics Unisex Adults W Gel-Ventureneutral to underpronation and great for shock absorbing



Rating on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5

Price: £48-£170 depending on size and colour

Features: available in different colours, lightweight and flexible cushioning, highly durable rubber outsoles. Support for underpronation has helped with reducing knee pain for many users.

Saucony Men’s Ride Iso Sneakerimproved heel grip for runners who suffer from underpronation


Rating on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5

Price: £60-£100 depending on size and colour

Features: EVERUNTM Topsole construction for consistent, lasting comfort as well as pressure relief, absorbs impact very well and supports with underpronation



Women’s Wave Rider 23best for slight underpronation as well as slight overpronation



Rating on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5

Price: £74-£130 depending on size and colour

Features: actively works with your foot throughout the gait cycle, thinker material protects the feet, also OK for neutral runners.

If you simply cannot afford stability running shoes at the moment, or you are not sure which to try first, I would suggest trying out some insoles made especially for over or under pronation.

Try these out first and then you will have a better idea on the shoes that might be a better fit!

Here are some of the best options!

FootActive Store Orthotic Arch Support Insoles – NHS APPROVED! £19.95

> used to correct over-pronation

> Designed to reduce heel pain and flat feet

> feature strong arch support, metatarsal support, deep heel cup for re-aligning foot and ankle


Dr Foot Pro Supination Insoles with Maximum Support – great for underpronation – £25

> 4 degree lateral heel and forefoot support to treat over supination

> designed to be used by customers who have been diagnosed with over supination!

> not suitable for bunions

Safe running!


As I mentioned before, it might take time to find the shoes/insoles that will help straight away. The pain you might be having appeared over time due to prolonged over/under pronation. So you need to give it time to get better.

I hope that you find what works for you and running will be a lot more pleasant experience with no pain!

Goodbye for now, stay safe and humble!



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