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Skechers flex appeal 3 reviews – the real value!


Good trainers are hard to find, especially ones for running! And how much money should you spend on trainers?

Check out this article if you are wondering whether expensive running shoes are worth it.

Today I wanted to share the reviews on a pair that I am truly happy about!


Product: Skechers Flex Appeal 3 Women’s

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon

Price: £46.07 (subject to sales and type)

Best Feature: Memory insole

Returns: Yes

My ranking: 4.8 out of 5



Skechers flex appeal 3, Overview


I must say, I love Skechers. Don’t think I have ever bought an uncomfortable pair of shoes from them.

Most of my trainers that I buy (and I buy a lot as they get used a lot and do wear out).. are for running or walking long distances. So they MUST BE COMFORTABLE!

I have bought these for my family as presents and they absolutely love them! So I have listed the Pros and Cons from my own and my family’s experiences!


Pros …


  • Light, soft and just so comfortable! The memory foam insoles really makes you feel like you are walking or running on clouds!


  • Soles are thick enough and supportive! I struggle to run longer distances if the soles are thick on my trainers which makes my feet and calves hurt. Normally, the thick sole trainers are quite heavy which makes running harder (like it’s not hard enough as it is..) but Skechers have found a way to make a decent thicker sole without making the shoes heavy! Thank you very much for that!


  • Good grip – suitable for a bit of trail running too! I like to mix it up and do a bit of trail running as well. Normally I would have to make sure that I have my trail shoes with me but Skechers Flex Appeal is good for both as it has a decent grip!


  • Breathable – don’t under appreciate this feature! Just remember those hot summer days… How great is it to run in trainers that are actually letting some air through and dry quick? I used to get a lot of blisters on my feet just because of the moisture from the sweat. Not had any since using Skechers Flex Appeal!


  • Did I mention the multi use? As I said, they are not just good for running but anything else really! Whether it’s going for a walk, hike, or just going to the shop! It is also suitable for treadmill running as the soles are shock absorbing which protects you more from injuries.


  • They just look so good and there are few colour choices! I love the style and colours! Black mesh with pink trim are my favourites but there are many other choices (not everyone likes pink….).




  • Value for money – excellent! Seriously good value for the money you pay. I have had trainers that are around the 100 mark and I simply couldn’t run in them so I really appreaciate Skechers Flex Appeal!


Cons …


  • It is made out of fabric so not waterproof and not the best for muddy and rainy conditions. You can wash them but it won’t be the same (especially lighter colours. Same goes for any similar sort of shoes really).


  • Similar to the point above – not the best option in winter/snowy surfaces. If you fancy running when that snow hits the ground, there is a completely different set of shoes you will need!


  • The size might not be the typical UK size. I’m a size 5, but whenever I get skechers – I pick size 5.5. In the worst case scenario – you can just send them back and swap for a different size!


  • Insoles are not removable but they are so comfortable! I have used mine for 3 years and haven’t had a need to change insoles at all!



Are skechers flex appeal 3 worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


I hope you have found Skechers flex appeal 3 reviews useful! Getting any shoes really depends on what exactly you are looking for.

Hopefully the overview has helped you decide and if you can’t wait to try them out – get them here!

2 thoughts on “Skechers flex appeal 3 reviews – the real value!”

  1. Nice trainers. I love wearing them because of my outfits. They match more with it that boots. I love boots, but they don’t really match with my outfits.

    I use trainers now, and these looks promising. It’s not that expensive and I love it has variety of colours to choose from. The standard black can’t always be good.

    Do you have more reviews on trainers? I might bookmark your site for future purchases. Thanks for the review. 

    1. Thank you for visiting the site! 

      Glad you like the trainers. I also have an article that is concentrating on stability running shoes if you are interested.

      There are some more reviews for trainers coming out over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out 🙂 

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