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High visibility running wear – be safe and stylish!


It’s that time of the year…

You get up and it’s dark outside, you have your dinner – it’s dark again. Well, depending on which side of the world you live in!

I am currently in the UK and I’m sure you know the stereotype… Annoyingly, it is pretty much true most of the time – especially in the winter months.

Cold, windy and dark.

But you still want to run, don’t you? Or you know that you should but that miserable weather has killed your motivation? If so, have a read of some tips on how to keep motivated.


There is absolutely nothing we can do to make daylight last longer but we can prepare and stay safe!


I was inspired to write this article after my run yesterday.

I went out for a steady 10-mile run and noticed how many other runners were out doing the same which was great!

What was not great however – many were not wearing any high visibility running wear! It’s as bad as cyclists not having lights and reflectors on the road!

Imagine if cars were driving around in the dark without headlights? Disaster… The same applies to runners!

I wanted to share some great high vis running gear that I use to keep me safe and it looks good too!


Trespass waterproof fully reflective jacket


Why I love it:

> Very bright all over – you will be noticed!

> Breathable and easy to wash

> Truly waterproof, although seems like it’s not as I just get wet from all the sweat.. Amazing for a walk in the rain though!

> Great fit (I’m a small) and still OK to have thicker layers underneath.

> Excellent value for money & price is reasonable

Get yours here!



Leggings – simple but effective!



> You don’t have to be all wrapped up in reflection gear but having few reflector stripes on your leggings will be beneficial!

> These are great as they are noticeable from all angles when you are moving!

> Great value for money – only £20 and fits nicely!

> Comfortable with a small back pocket for my keys!

> Very comfortable while running (don’t have to keep pulling them up while running like some others)


Get yours here!



Something even brighter… LED Chest light!


Chest light for running


This is always a part of my travel kit wherever I go!

Why I love it..

> Not only it helps me to be noticed in these dark times but also, it helps to see where I am going! Will certainly make you trip over less..

> It is great not just for running but any other activity you might be doing when out in the dark

> It has 3 light modes (bright, moderate and flashing)

> It is WATERPROOF! Most things need to be waterproof this time of the year, especially in the UK…

> Easy to recharge with USB and lasts over 6 hours when fully charged.


It’s also a great present for your friends and family to keep them safe! Get yours here!


Stay safe!


It isn’t all just about staying safe from Covid… we need to stay safe in the other areas in life as well! For runners – this is an important one!

As I said, you don’t have to cover yourself in high visibility running wear but you do need something to be noticed!

Choose what you like best and don’t forget to use it when going out in the dark.


1 thought on “High visibility running wear – be safe and stylish!”

  1. Jonathon Howard says:

    This is a very important topic and definitely needs to be seen by more people, wearing gear like this while your jogging or walking at night is a must and should always be done no matter what. Just this past week a man was hit by a charter bus right up the street from where I live because he was walking at night and the driver did not see him and now the man is fighting for his life in the hospital in an intensive care unit. This is very serious I thank you so much for writing this article it will definitely help to save lives and keep people safer walking the roads at night.

    All the best ,


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