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Getting back to running – true experience!

I am back!!!!!

It has been a while since my last post. – 4 months to be precise.

I won’t lie – it has been a tough time. Physically and emotionally. We all have these moments when you just feel lost and forget your purpose and identity.

I have been working on myself a lot lately and I am back. There is still a lot of work to be done but I am happy with the progress I have made.

In this post I mainly want to give you some encouragement and my experience on how to keep going no matter how hard life sometimes seems. Getting back to running after an injury, depression or just a busy lifestyle isn’t easy so I wanted you to know that you are not alone!

The first thing to do, is to..


This word has been my savior lately. And just to be clear, I am not saying stop running. No.

Stop thinking! Stop overthinking. Stop trying to grab everything at once. Stop worrying about something that hasn’t even happened. Stop complaining about your job and not doing anything about it. Stop having a go at your family for things that are not up to your standards. Just stop trying to control everything around you.

I have been guilty of doing exactly all the above and more. It consumed me so much that my body gave up. Running wasn’t even an option to say the least.

I was angry at myself. How do I normally deal with anger, you ask? By running. Long and far. But that wasn’t an option as my body wouldn’t let me. It was way too weak and y immune system had given up on me.

STOP THE BLAME GAME! Just because you are blaming someone or yourself won’t change the situation. Just stop!

Find the root cause!

Whatever the reason is for you having to stop running, you first need to understand why that happened in the first place. And the answer is not: ”I’m depressed”, ”I’m too tired”, ”I just have way too much work”, ”I don’t have time” or any other crap you come up with. Excuse my French…

You will find the real reason by asking why that is… Why am I too tired? Why do I think I’m depressed? What filled up my time? The real answer normally lies somewhere where you have asked the ”Why” at least 3 times and been honest with yourself.

For me, the root cause was that I wasn’t happy with certain things in my life and I wasn’t doing much to change them. So millions of excuses came out of it. All I seemed to be doing is complain. And there was a lot to complain about.

Are you willing?

Once you’ve figured out your real reason, you must ask yourself whether you are willing to change and do something about it. A lot of people recognise the issues and reasons for them not achieving what they want to, but they are simply not willing to change anything. And that’s fine. If you are not willing to change your habits, routine and mindset, probably best you stop reading this…

If you have decided that enough is enough and you are willing to break through some of your habits that stop you from being where you want to be, that’s the first step forward. It wasn’t an easy step for me as I had a lot on my plate and was struggling with self-discipline. I would get angry with myself for being the way I was. I didn’t want to argue with myself – it is very exhausting so I had to find a way to stop.


So, now that you are willing (I assume you are if you are still reading this)…

Make a plan!


The one mistake people do, including myself, is trying to sort out their issues fully before they go back to running. It is one of those thoughts in your head: ”when something happens, then I will have more time to run”.

When workload calms down, then I will go back to running.

When I have more time, then I will start running again.

When my kids don’t need as much care and attention, then I’ll run more.

When I am not that tired, I will start to run!

When, when, when… The reality is, any ”when” thoughts are just excuses and putting things off.

I found that the best way to deal with times when these ”when” thoughts come up is to just stop for a minute and ask yourself few questions.

How can I reduce the workload? How can I make more time? How can I get my kids involved? What can I do to be able to start running now? How can I be less tired and why am I so tired in the first place?

There is always something you can do. But it will take some effort. It all starts with making a plan!

Sit down and have a look at your schedule!

Are there any activities that are not really that important and you can free up some time by removing them from your life?

Is there anything in your work or even personal life that can be done more efficiently to make more time for running?

Start putting runs, even if they are only 10-15 min in your diary. Start slow. But most importantly – start!

Be realistic and prepared. Don’t sabotage your plan by putting a 30-min run when you know you only have 10 min to spare.

Have your plan visible. Have it on your desk, laptop, phone, set reminders.

Stick to your plan!

It is all well and good to make a plan but nothing is going to happen if you don’t take any action and just have that plan sitting on your desk or laptop looking good. You have to commit to it.

Of course, we have some unexpected issues once in a while which mess up our plans but that’s not every day. Get back to it the next day!

I will be honest – making the plan is fairly easy, sticking to it what I had the biggest challenge with. There were a lot of distractions and more arguments with myself. The key is to recognise when you have taken a side step and get back on track. It is easy to get lost within the daily environment which for a lot of people consist of chaos.

When that does happen – stop again and talk to yourself. Ask the same questions as you did earlier and know what you have a plan. Why are you doing it in the first place!

It’s all about self-discipline.

Self-discipline is tough for most people. It just is. Especially when you have to do things that you might not feel up to doing.

The key to being good at self-discipline is motivation. It is easier to discipline yourself when yo are motivated. Check out my article on motivation for a deeper dive and how it can help you!


I hope this has helped you with your running journey and getting back to running or maybe something else in general that has been on your mind. We all have our ups and downs in life. I have been learning how to deal with the downs better and make them shorter. It all starts with a promise to yourself and keeping that promise not just when in comes to running. It applies to anything in your life!

Good luck and keep sticking to those plans!

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