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Garmin running watches comparison – only the best!


Are you a runner and you don’t own a fitness watch for tracking your running? You need one asap!

I love Garmin watches. Affordable, very reliable, and my favourite – can be used for lots of other stuff!

My friends have been asking lately on what the differences are on some of the watches. Sometimes it looks like it is the same watch but it costs 5 times more. So I decided to write a quick article on Garmin running watches comparison.


Watch for running? Why?


Firstly, I just wanted to highlight the reason for having a running watch.

It’s good to figure out what you need from a watch before you actually buy it! There’s a lot to choose from and there is no point on buying one that has 80% of functions that you won’t actually ever use.

Great for tracking and monitoring your progress!

I believe that you will have a goal, whether it is a small one or a big one. Whether you are training for a marathon or just trying to increase your distance slowly.

Before I had a watch I just ran and didn’t really know the distance, pace or the heart rate during my ran. All very important things especially when you are taking running seriously.

Smart watches have a GPS signal which means they can provide an accurate picture of the distance you have ran and where you have been.

I would suggest wearing the watch throughout the day as it measures your energy and heart rate throughout the day, not just while running.

I do a lot of heart rate running so it’s essential for me to see the heart rate in real time just by looking at my wrist. It is a lot more accurate than you phone GPS. Also, using it on the phone drains your battery a lot more and you would need to actually unlock your phone to see the full stats in real time.

It motivates you!

Whether it’s step count, challenges on the Garmin app or just looking at your daily stats – seeing your progress and daily patterns motivates you and makes you to want to keep it up.

Some of the Garmin watches actually have a feature where you can customize virtual pacer so you can actually race with yourself! It’s great for us – the competitive ones!

So, what are we comparing?

Let’s start with Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS

Price: £234.27 (subject to change)

Battery Life: up to 7 days in smartwatch mode; up to 24 hours in GPS mode

Features: Bluetooth; waterproof; safety features; sleep tracking

Extras: free adaptive training plans from Garmin Coach or customized

Drawbacks: cannot download music

My opinion:

Great mid price range running watch. It is reliable and easy to use. Strap is also easy to clean which becomes very important after long sweaty workouts!

Even though it is a mainly a running watch, it can be used for swimming, cycling and other activities as well, even hiking.

If you prefer a more rectangular shape, try Garmin Vivosmart HR+ GPS Fitness Activity Tracker


Price: £72.49 (subject to change)

Battery Life: up to 5 days in smartwatch mode; up to 8 hours in GPS mode

Features: can be paired with smartphone to control music and receive notifications – Bluetooth; waterproof; safety features; sleep tracking

Extras: free adaptive training plans from Garmin Coach or customized

Drawbacks: cannot download music; GPS enabled for running only; no colour display

My opinion:

Slightly more simple, smaller and a lot cheaper version. Also, great for tracking your running activity, sleep monitoring and wrist based heart rate.

I prefer round shaped watches with the biggest screen visibility, so not so keen on this version. However, it’s a great budget option and you might prefer this design!

If you don’t just do running but lots of other sports activities and love gadgets, Garmin fēnix 6X Pro is probably the best watch for you!


Price: £519 (subject to change)

Battery Life: up to 5 days in smartwatch mode; up to 8 hours in GPS mode

Features: >preloaded TOPO maps, ski maps for over 2, 000 Worldwide ski Resorts

>multiple global navigation satellite system (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) support and built-in sensors for 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter

> touch screen

Extras: >sunlight-readable display

>smart notification & conctactless payments supported

>music storage with premium streaming service

>advanced training features

Drawbacks: Expensive

Yes, it is expensive. But if sports is a big part of your life – it is well worth it! Fenix version has very accurate swim/run/cycle functions – perfect for triathlonists!

Having preloaded TOPO Europe maps is such an advantage!

What I like about it as well is PacePro feature that helps keep you on pace with grade-adjusted guidance as you run a course.



Don’t forget to get screen protector for your watch! Last thing you want is scratches or chips on your screen.

It’s hard to keep the surface safe while exercising! I go through at lease 4 screen protectors a year!


Time for your first or next running watch!


There are lots more Garmin watches out there but I have picked the main ones from different range here to give you some idea!

I used to have some very fancy and expensive watches that were for show and only told me the time..

If you told me few years ago that I would swap that for some rubbery waterproof digital watch – I would say you are absolutely crazy and probably bet money on that never happening. It’s a good thing I didn’t as I would have lost it.

For few years now, running watch has been my best friend and I am sure you feel the same if you have one. If you don’t – get in! It truly transforms your fitness world. Your watch becomes a part of your lifestyle, it helps you to achieve more and stay healthy.

Be honest – how satisfying is it when you look back at your run and see what you have accomplished. Let’s accomplish more together!

3 thoughts on “Garmin running watches comparison – only the best!”

  1. kkole13 says:

    I run and generally train my whole life. Honestly I have never spent large amounts of money on things like this, I do not know these brands, I am more old school, just sneakers and a good will to train. I do not need a watch, a phone, music, GPS or anything else. If it helps someone I support, I am not that type.

    1. admin says:

      Not for everyone – that’s for sure. It would say digital watches in general are more popular with younger generation in this information age! It’s great that you have managed to find the motivation to keep training without any tech at all. I would certainly struggle. What helps me the most is seeing the results and competing with others. And of course, some great music 🙂 

  2. Ann says:

    Thank you for providing us this list. I think I will go with Vivosmart HR plus. Since this will be my first Garmin watch I don’t mind to keep it simple. And it also is very affordable. I’m ok with having a bleack and white display and I’ll mainly use the GPS for running.

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